Open access fibre with multiple connection providers: 200 plus Proximity to US/European fibre network and connectivity to London

New interconnect options and dark fibre are identifed linking directly to core fibre infrastructure networks to London, the United States and Europe. This can provide a highly resilient pan-European network:

Openreach Ethernet is on-site with diversely routed nodes. Openreach provides the most ubiquitous fibre network in the UK through fibre to the premises (FTTP). Specific data centre products are offered: -

  • Ethernet Access Direct (EAD)
  • Optical Spectrum Access (OSA)
  • Optical Spectrum Extended Access (OSEA)

These services are targeted at wholesale and colocation providers offering dedicated fibre links and high bandwidth services.

Up to 10Gbit/s and access to 200 Ethernet communication providers.

The routing map indicates available dark fibre routes; black indicates traditional diverse routes from Camro to London; blue shows a cross UK network without routing via London indicating landing points giving access to the US via Dublin and into Europe through Amsterdam:

  • London – 162km (100 miles)(0.79ms)
  • US – UK leg from Camro to Parc Cybi 614km (381 miles)(3.00ms)
  • Europe – UK leg from Camro to Lowestoft 189km (117 miles)(0.928ms)